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Nice holster and worth the 6 week wait. After some wearing and breaking in, it's a comfortable and nice old-school rig. It compliments my 1931 vintage Colt Commercial Government Model 45 Automatic.

Rated by Richard DiCristi Jr.

Ordered and received my Untouchables holster in 19 days. Made in USA. Outstanding craftsmanship, and leather materials. Fits my Colt .38 special Official Police like a glove. Will need time to properly break in the holster, for the leather is stiff, but it is very comfortable while I'm sitting or standing. I'm a big guy (5'10" 250 pounds), and I had to use the entire length of adjustment for proper fit. If you're bigger than I am, you may want to contact the sales/service department and order longer straps. Overall, very pleased with the communications, attitude, and quality of A.E. Nelson Leather Company.

Rated by Jeff Saak

Had this custom ordered for a 1858 Remington. The fit is phenomonal. Reminds me quite a bit of the old George Lawrence spring break shoulder rigs. But the major advantage this system has, is the off side tie down. Very simple, but very smart, and well executed. I look forward to wearing this holster for years to come. Delivery time was much quicker than expected; in less than a month the holster was at my door. This is THE way to carry a long barreled/large framed revolver. AE Nelson has done a wonderful job at producing a design that has stood the test of time. Some things do not need to be reinvented. And this holster is one of them.

Rated by Justin Dabill

I had this shoulder rig custom ordered for my Colt Detective Special 'second series' made in 1969. The leather of this shoulder rig is very strong and no doubt will last many years with every day use. My Detective Special fits perfectly in this holster's front-break spring-held design. I love the vintage style muzzle-down concept, the original shoulder holster design that is rare today. At first I was a little skeptical about if this rig's old style narrow non-stretch leather shoulder straps would be a little uncomfortable potentially 'cutting' into my shoulders. It is no problem at all and in fact is quite comfortable wearing this rig 8 hours a day working in a gun store. And the rig's two tie-downs straps really secure the entire rig rendering everything to stay put, the gun in holster stays solid exactly in place where it should. Before ordering online I called A.E. Nelson with a few questions. They were fast to get a hold of and answered my questions to full satisfactory. Delivery time was fast, in only two weeks. A.E. Nelson was very responsive in executing my special instructions i.e. making my holster to accommodate my Detective Special which does not have a ejector rod shroud. I would certainly order from them again, I highly recommend A.E. Nelson for your holster needs.

Rated by Charles Fletcher

Yet another one. Fishing around on the internet for a holster for an S&W 48 with the long barrel, I encountered several instances of "You should contact A. E. Nelson" I did, and wow am I impressed. It's the real deal in quality of materials, quality of craftmanship, quality of design, and quality of appearance. Did I say "this is quality" ? And at the price point -- worth every penny. Mine arrived in three weeks in special color. Of course, it fits well, and if I have one comment slightly off positive, the fancy leather squeaks. Won't be surprising any critters -- two or four-legged with this one. Highly recommend.

Rated by Happy Home

I purchased the 709TL for my 4006TSW and the fit was perfect! I had a rivet which tore through the leather; however, when I sent the holster back to A&E they fixed the holster and performed the work super fast! I also requested a piece of leather be added to protect the light bezel and that was done at the same time as the rivet repair. I have always been happy with A&E Nelson and pray they will be around until I retire from police work in 2038. Their products are all high quality and function great. All three of my duty holsters over the last 7 years have been A&E and I would never purchase a holster any where else! I've also have two magazine pouches which have outlasted two other brands. Phenomenal service and craftsmanship!!!

Rated by Timothy Hinkson
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